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How do I ensure that CentrixOne syncs properly with Acomba?


Once a week, check that your Acomba system and the synchronization service with CentrixOne are up to date.

If an update is available, always perform the Acomba system update (if applicable) before the CentrixOne CRM sync service update.

User / Vendor

In both CentrixOne and Acomba, never delete a user or a vendor. Just make it inactive.

Also, never reassign a user to another person. Instead, deactivate it, then follow the procedure to create a new user.

Account (customer) and contact

In both CentrixOne and Acomba, never delete an account (customer) or a contact synchronized with CentrixOne. Just make it inactive in Acomba.


When importing data into CentrixOne, do not import it into the list named “Acomba”, because if you make a mistake, you will directly impact your customer data in your Acomba system.

Revenue category

In both CentrixOne and Acomba, never delete a revenue category (also named revenue type, item or product) associated with Acomba.

Stage name

In CentrixOne CRM, when your account is synchronized with the Acomba system, specific stage names are automatically created and used by the synchronization API.

Never delete or rename any of the following stage names: “Contract” (applicable only for Acomba with automatic billing module), “Quotation”, “Order”, “Open Order” and “Invoice”.

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