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A simple, intuitive and affordable CRM for promoters, builders and investors.

Convert more leads into clients with the best CRM for real estate.

CentrixOne CRM for real estate is a powerful 3-in-1 solution designed to help you engage, maintain and manage your customer relationships. 

Know exactly where your prospects are at in the sales funnel. Nurture leads by providing them with personalized, relevant communications. Turn your leads into loyal customers with an automated personalized touch.

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Contacts & Leads

Our powerful contact manager allow you to centralize lists, leads and contacts in the blink of an eye.
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Pipeline Tracking

Track your stats in real time – quickly see your pipeline’s performance. Manage your leads and deals across every stage of the sales pipeline to maximize conversions.
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Email Automation

Engage with your prospects promptly when they show interest. Choose your template, add content, create your automations, click Send. It’s that easy.

Centralize your data and never miss an opportunity again!


Access all contact information, email history, leads and mailing lists in one place. Make data available to all your teams and promote collaboration across the business. Get rid of all spreadsheets once and for all.

Say hello to the tools that make it easy to sell and convert.

A real estate CRM to qualify, manage and track your leads  efficiently. View communications history, personalize and streamline interactions. 

Treat yourself with a live pipeline at your fingertips. Monitor your team’s activities and the status of your deals in real-time.

A visually pleasing interface that your team will love

CentrixOne was designed to please users with a state of the art, visually pleasing interface. Color-coded data visualization, drag and drop editors, easy to grasp dashboards.  An easy to adopt CRM is your best guarantee that your team will use it everyday.  
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Save time with beautiful dashboards at your fingertips!

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Email Marketing

Keep your company top-of mind. Build trust and rapport with customizable email marketing campaigns. Send targeted and personalized news updates and communications.

Social Media Connectors

Link your email content to your website and social networks and watch your customer engagement take off.

Automation - Delegate your repetitive tasks to your CRM

Automate your tasks and emails with just a few clicks!
Thanks to your CRM, you can automate:

  • Sending out emails based on triggers
  • Your entire sales funnel
  • Auto responders to inquiries from your website
  • Your reminders
  • Lead nurturing in order to close more deals

Interactive forms

Create and integrate personalized forms into your website, enabling you to automatically add your prospects and customers to your contact lists.

Customizable fields

You have your own lingo. You call your customers “guests”? Label them in your CRM the way you call them in your world. CentrixOne has more than 7 types of customizable fields. Whether it’s a birthdate, unit size, storage space, you can capture all the information you need.

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CentrixOne Academy

Growing with you. Get support at all times, 24 hours a day. In addition, our expert, personalized coaching services will provide you with a response tailored in every way to your business needs and processes.

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A real estate CRM is typically used to qualify, manage and track leads efficiently. You can view communications history, personalize and streamline interactions with clients and prospects. A real estate CRM gives you the ability to access all contact information, email history, leads and mailing lists in one place. The CRM software makes data available to all your teams and promotes collaboration across the business. You can finally get rid of all spreadsheets once and for all.

There are many benefits to using a CRM for real estate:

-Access all contact information, email history, leads and mailing lists in one place.

-Engage with your prospects promptly and track your leads and funnel.

-Track your stats in real time. Quickly access your dashboards. Manage your leads and deals across every stage of the sales pipeline to maximize conversions.

-Automate your tasks and emails with an easy-to use tool you can automate. For example:

  •   Send out emails based on events like a website form completion or a date
  •   View your entire sales funnel
  •   Configure autoresponders to inquiries from your website
  •   Set up reminders to call back or send renewal notices

Pricing for a real estate CRM is a monthly subscription. In each account, you can customize the plans that best fit your needs. You can add users or remove them yourself. Some clients prefer monthly subscriptions other choose an annual subscription and save up to 17% annually. You can cancel your monthly plan at any time without penalty. There’s no reason not to give our great tool a try!

There are many CRM tools for specific industries. Real estate is no exception. The best real estate CRM software is an all-in-one solution that is simple and intuitive to use.

A CRM helps real estate builders and promoters throughout sales cycles and accelerates the time it takes to close deals. From streamlining lead management from potential condo buyers to improving client relationships, a CRM can definitely simplify your day-to-day sales tasks.

How does a CRM really help?

Here are the main areas:

  •   Centralize client information
  •   Speed up lead conversion into clients, referral sources, and repeat business
  •   Enhance your follow-ups
  •   Maintain drip email campaigns 
  •   Enhance employee productivity
  •   Track the whole customer relationship (CRM) workflow
  •   Streamline repetitive tasks
  •   Connect your web forms to your CRM and eliminate excel sheets
  •   Onboard your team quickly

There are many options out there and some CRM systems be quite complicated, so choosing one that’s right for your business can be quite a task.

As you consider which CRM to use, it is important that you are clear on what challenges you are trying to solve with a CRM. In most cases, clients are trying to:

  •   Centralize contact and customer data
  •   Track opportunities and closing rates
  •   Track leads and lead activity
  •   Manage customer relationships
  •   View performance dashboards
  •   Streamline business operations
  •   Increase productivity

Ease of implementation

This component is key. Any time you are changing or introducing new software, there is going to be a period of implementation and change management. In some cases, you may need to have a team member lead the implementation. Make sure to plan for a period of onboarding and training. Look for a system that is intuitive and easy to use, so that, once in place, your team will want to use it every day.

This is used to automate the sending of your emails as soon as a prospect or customer activates a trigger. For example, when someone subscribes to your newsletter, a welcome email can be automatically sent to them.

Email marketing automation gives you an opportunity to send your prospects and customers the right message at the right time!

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