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CRM for services to businesses (B2B)

Companies in the business-to-business (B2B) market represent a segment in which effective organization of the sales force and customer communication are essential for maintaining good sales activities and increasing revenues.
CRM for business to business service (b2B)

Here are some companies that use CentrixOne


Go RH offers a wide range of consulting services in the field of human resources, including coaching, strategic planning, recruitment, training management and many more.

Logo de GoRH

We started from zero! Now our 60 consultants communicate more efficiently and provide better customer service. That’s essential for business development.

WEB-TIC connects partners and suppliers to ensure the success of its customers’ technological projects.
Logo - Webtic gris

The service is number 1 for its human side, its availability and its efficiency. In addition, they know their field very well!

I benefit from better customer follow-up in all my projects and managing my leads is much simpler.

CRM for the construction industry and for manufacturers

The construction and manufacturing industries account for 26% of Quebec’s GDP and employ nearly 764,600 people.

Here are some companies that use CentrixOne ​​

Lux Lighting Solutions has been advising customers on their various lighting projects for 10 years.
Logo de Lux solutions d'éclairage (noir) - CRM CentrixOne

The advantage of our long-term collaboration with Centrix One is how we’ve been able to customize our CRM solution according to our actual use over the years.

Réseau DeVinci has been building experts since 1991 and provides a multitude of inspection and appraisal services to both residential and commercial customers.
Logo de Réseau De Vinci - CRM CentrixOne

We chose Centrix One because their product is customizable according to our marketing and business development needs in the industrial building inspection services industry.

CRM for the technology industry

The technology industry employs 143,000 people in Québec and enjoys an average annual growth of 2.6%.

Here are some companies that use Centrix One

PCI Automatisation Industrielle
Since its creation in 2001, PCI Automatisation Industrielle has provided consulting services in industrial control, Industry 4.0 and robotic solutions.
Logo de PCI automatisation industrielle (gris) - CRM CentrixOne

It's effective! Our business has better visibility and it’s easier for our team to be diligent in tracking sales. 

CRM consumer services (B2C)

Companies in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market cater to rather large groups.

Communications must therefore be effective, frequent and automated in order to better equip the sales team with qualified prospects.

Here are some companies that use Centrix One

Puits Bernier
Forte d’une expérience en forage de plus de 70 ans, Puits Bernier propose son savoir-faire en forage géothermique, puits artésiens, pieux et ancrages.
Logo de Puits Bernier (gris) - CRM CentrixOne

The Centrix One team works hard to meet all of our needs in a personalized manner.

Techni Service
Since 1988, Techni-Service has been providing specialized services in the sale, rental and repair of office equipment.
Logo de Techniservice - CRM CentrixOne

I benefited from cost savings by changing our supplier to CentrixOne. For an SME like mine, that’s important! 

CRM for the field of engineering

With an annual sales of $ 2.6 billion, the engineering sector in Quebec is one of the most dynamic.

Here are some companies that use Centrix One

Systèmes Techno Pompes
For 30 years, Systèmes Techno-Pompes has been providing expertise in heating, air conditioning and air quality solutions.
Logo de systèmes Techno-pompes (gris) - CRM CentrixOne

We chose Centrix One for its excellent value for money and because the product meets all of our needs, primarily for email automation.

The service is very good ! Return calls and follow-ups are carried out quickly.

CRM for RCMs and public administrations

There are 1108 local municipalities, the vast majority of which are grouped into an RCM (Regional County Municipality).

A testimonial that says a lot about the importance of CRM in your industry
MRC de Thérèse-De BlainvillE
As the second-largest RCM in its category, the Thérèse-de-Blainville MRC serves nearly 160,000 inhabitants.
Logo de la MRC Thérèse-de-Blainville (gris) - CRM CentrixOne

This is a must have for all RCMs! This CRM is essential for keeping track of and archiving files, exchanges and documents sent.

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