Focus on the more stimulating tasks

Let automation take care of the rest.

Everything in your CRM can be automated

CentrixOne is a powerful tool that works for you. With the right scenarios, you can create automations for:

Handling marketing campaigns related to prospect profiles and requests

Scheduling actions related to the stages of your sales pipeline

Optimizing and automating tasks assigned to sales representatives

Marketing automation: segmentation, lists and email campaigns

Operational automation: orienting and integrating new customers (onboarding)

Loyalty, customer service and customer experience

How does activity automation work?

Think of a predictable and repetitive scenario. For example, a prospect completes an inquiry on your website. You can schedule an automatic sequence by programming these items:
Crm centrixone image automations triggers

The trigger
Example: new contact created in the database via a web form

Crm centrixone image automations conditions

The conditions
Example: from a specific province and interested in a particular product

Crm centrixone image automations timing

The timing
Example: a programmed delay of one minute before the action takes place

Crm centrixone image automations actions

The actions
Example: automated response to prospect, task created for the representative

The result: a transparent and excellent customer experience

Automate your sales pipeline

Perfectly align your prospects’ journey with that of the sales team to take full advantage of every opportunity. For example:

Automatically trigger communications and tasks at specific points in the sales cycle

Send a welcome email to a qualified prospect and create a task for the representative to call them today

Create a sales opportunity in the pipeline following a customer’s web form request

Notify the Sales Manager as soon as a high-value opportunity has just progressed to a more advanced stage

Automated emails: tons of possibilities

Automate all kinds of email interactions to support your sales, marketing and service teams.

Targeted emails

  • Make sure every message is relevant
  • Adapt your newsletters to the interests of your customer groups
  • Send privileged offers to your VIP members

Triggered emails

  • CentrixOne analyzes your data 24/7 and executes promptly
  • Remind your customers to complete their transaction when they have left items in their cart

Scheduled emails

  • Schedule emails for specific dates and times
  • Reminder emails in advance of an event
  • Annual subscription renewal email

Auto-reply emails

  • Welcome email after subscribing to your newsletter
  • Confirmation after product warranty registration
  • Response such as “Thank you, we will contact you shortly” after an email request for information

Transactional emails

  • Stay connected with your customers using third-party platform data
  • Use of sales data such as product categories, date of sale
  • Order confirmation emails with recommendation of other products

Internal emails

  • Automatically notify your work teams so you don't forget anything
  • Notify your representatives as soon as a lead is assigned to them
  • Schedule training session reminders

Nurture your relationships with scheduled sequences

Design seamless customer journeys with automated lead nurturing – with guaranteed execution. Choose your email templates and create your sequences according to your objectives:
Scheduled engagement with prospects
Progression of a buying cycle
New customer orientation and integration (onboarding)
Collection and publication of success stories
Renewal campaigns

Automate everything you can

Beyond emails, get your bots to handle all the tasks that don’t require your brainpower.

Automate manual and repetitive tasks to keep your team motivated and focused on high-value activities

Automate lead triage and assignment to a representative located in the same region

Automatically convert a lead into a qualified opportunity when their form responses meet your criteria

Trigger internal notifications and follow-up tasks as soon as an opportunity escalates

Registration forms:

a veritable gold mine to explore

Easily create web-enterable forms. The information provided by your prospects is automatically integrated into your database to inform and target your sales and marketing actions.
Crm centrixone image form mobile
Crm centrixone image form mobile

Automatic assignment into the pipeline for the representative of a particular region.

Wait for 2 weeks then automatically send the special report about heating semi-detached homes.

If older than 10 years, email a list of new heat pump promotions.

25% automatic lead-to-opportunity progress.

Sign-up on a weekly report sent to the Sales Manager.

Immediate info email sent upon the purchase of a heat pump.

Notification to the representative to call the customer this week.

Email scheduled to be sent 2 months later and a notification added to the representative's calendar.

Drip campaign mailing list.

Create dynamic content that speaks to each customer personally

Modify email content automatically according to customer preferences and data from your CRM.
Easily insert tags into your email templates to include fields from your customer records:
{ full name }
{ product type }
{ brand name }
{ renewal date }
{ registration date }
{ birthday }

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