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Fuel your business and sales growth.

A CRM system that works for you.

Clear, systematic processes equals more sales. The CentrixOne all-in-one CRM solution structures your sales operations to accelerate your expansion.

CentrixOne makes a name for itself!


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Why do SMBs love working with CentrixOne?

All-in-one CRM solution to grow your business

CentrixOne structures all your sales and marketing processes to get results fast. Here’s a complete, user-friendly CRM solution to manage all your customer relationships.

Centralization of contacts and communications

Keep and check everything in one place: accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, mailing lists, emails and texts.

Email integration and marketing automation

Cancel your costly third-party software and integration services. Create your sales and marketing campaigns directly within your CentrixOne CRM, with cool-looking templates and easy-to-set automations.

Designed specifically for SMBs

Set up CentrixOne for your team in minutes. Its cutting-edge, eye-pleasing interface will simplify and accelerate your team’s sales routine.

Keep all your contacts and deals in one place

Goodbye Excel files. See all relevant info at a glance and track your sales efforts without missing a beat.

  • Track your leads and deals pipeline in real time
  • Access your CentrixOne data anywhere (with Wi-Fi)
  • Customize your contact cards with custom fields
  • Store your presentations, images and other client files

Get 360° sales and deals pipeline visibility

The more you know, the better you and your teams can perform. Watch your sales progress everyday on your customized dashboards.

  • Get sales pipeline forecasting in real-time
  • Monitor your team’s work to better support them
  • Identify where your sales and marketing processes can be improved
  • Manage your time and optimize decision-making

Create right-on-target email campaigns

CentrixOne’s simple and intuitive editor makes it easy to create email marketing campaigns with your brand’s look and feel. Send perfectly timed personalized emails to make your customers feel you’re right there with them.

  • Create impactful emails with easy drag-and-drop editing
  • Add your content to our sleek pre-built email templates
  • Filter your email lists to target specific audiences with tailored campaigns
  • Measure and report on campaign effectiveness with campaign dashboards

Text message your leads and customers to keep them engaged

Capture your leads’ attention as soon as they show interest and text with them wherever they go. Your customers shop and communicate in the same mode: multitask and multichannel. Adapt your communications to catch them on the fly.

  • Connect with the “text generation”... and get replies
  • Respond instantly by SMS to info requests from your website
  • Provide simple, fast and efficient customer service to foster loyalty
  • Keep a record of all SMS communications in your CRM to support governance practices
Automate your sales and marketing | CRM |

Automate your sales and marketing tasks to accelerate your growth

Rely on CentrixOne’s automation tool as your 24/7 virtual assistant. Let it take on all your repetitive tasks and dedicate your time to nurturing your clients.

  • Design flawless customer journeys with guaranteed execution
  • Program chains of actions using triggers, timed responses and task creation
  • Send the right message at the right time, with a personal touch
  • Cut down your costs and unlock your team members’ full potential

Accolades that make us blush...

Happy users of CentrixOne CRM and marketing solution share their satisfaction with us regularly. We listen to them and gather their feedback to develop new functionalities.

CentrixOne: A very accessible CRM 😉

CentrixOne plays well with your existing systems and applications. Connect them easily to integrate all your business’ precious resources.

CentrixOne CRM syncs with your accounting system...

... and your favorite apps!

CentrixOne: Proudly Canadian

CentrixOne is proud of its local talent and Canadian roots. Our goal is to support and fuel the growth of SMBs in French and English.

  • Based in the Greater Montreal area, Quebec
  • Supporting businesses in Canada and USA
  • All data is protected and stored in Canada

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