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Why SMBs love Centrix One CRM

All-in-one solution to grow your business

CentrixOne brings together uber-practical CRM and automation software features so that you can engage customers during each step of the buyer’s journey—and moving leads down the sales funnel.

Centralized contacts and communications

Lead management, account management, contact management, mailing lists and email communications centralized in one place.

Integrated e-mails and marketing automation

CentrixOne puts you in the driver’s seat with easy-to-use email templates and e-mail automation. Drag and drop editing and campaign management is simple and intuitive. No need for third-party software and complicated integrations.

Developed specifically for SMBs

Deploy CentrixOne to your team in minutes! Its simple and intuitive interface slashes sales and marketing admin time so they can focus on what really counts: closing sales!

What our clients have to say

Don’t just take our word for it!

Because emails are tracked, I know if my clients have read them and if they visited our website. I can concentrate my time on potential customers with the most interest, which saves me a lot of time and increases my conversion rates and closing sales.

Telcodium | Gaétan Campeau, President

We saw very early that CentrixOne is a solution designed by and for a sales team. CentrixOne allows you to become self-sufficient quickly. In less than a month, we were able to send a personalized email to our customers and generate sales.

Pal+ | Danielle Godin, Sales Director

Unlike traditional CRM tools, which require full planning and specialist support, we like that CentrixOne is a ready-to-use solution that delivers value quickly and lets you add functionality according to your needs. CentrixOne enables us to efficiently execute advanced marketing processes.

Host Papa | Sales & Marketing

Grow your business faster with a Cloud-based CRM

CentrixOne is a no-nonsense,
yet full-featured, CRM that
takes you, your team and your
business to a whole new level.
Rely on a CRM that is secure, intuitive, and easy to use.

Keep all your contacts and deals in one place

Every sales professional needs three things: efficiency,
control and visibility. Now you can personalize your
dashboards, see everything you want to see at a single
glance and track your efforts.

Get 360° pipeline
& sales visibility

The more you know, the better you and your teams can perform. Expand your view of everyday activities so you can be more efficient, improve sales processes and close more deals.

Create email campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time

With CentrixOne, you deliver personalized emails timed to perfection. Get real. Get engaged!

Achieve higher
results with

Nurture contacts with highly personalized content that helps convert prospects into customers. Create automated alerts to quickly follow-up on web-to lead forms.

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