Expert services

Let our specialists guide you

A response tailored to your business processes

We assess your needs clearly and accurately. Our team of experts carefully plans each project. No surprises, only possibilities!

We offer, among others:

  • Private coaching and personalized support
  • Needs analysis
  • CRM customization
  • Synchronization with current applications: accounting, social, web, email and others
  • Data migration from Salesforce, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive

CRM implementation

Do you lack the time or expertise?

Let our specialists help you:

    • Import data
    • Clean databases
    • Create users
    • Create personalized fields for your database
    • Synchronize data with the accounting system

CRM development and deployment

Do you want to develop your CRM?

We offer:

  • A workshop on change management and best practices for adopting a CRM*
  • A support and implementation plan (CRM roadmap)
  • Data segmentation with improve contact button
  • Process automation planning and development
  • Web form integration (websites and campaigns)
  • Telephony integration


Our packages are designed to support your sales and marketing strategy; our specialists’ mission is to provide you with support and advice so that you can optimize your use of CentrixOne.


Quick start

Are you self-sufficient, but need a helping hand to get CentrixOne up and running quickly?
  • Basic setup
  • Getting familiar with the software and implement short-term goals
  • The basics of lead and sales pipeline management
  • Access to personalized support from a specialist


Automated marketing campaigns

Do you want to automate your campaigns and processes? We can help you eliminate repetitive steps, create alerts and communicate automatically with customers or collaborators.
  • Form integration
  • Social media links
  • Facebook integration
  • Basic automations
  • Marketing automation sequences
  • Lead scoring
  • Alerts
  • Automatic leads assignment


Technical consulting

Need help with your technical projects? Our specialists can support you in the following projects, among others.
  • Accounting and ERP system integration
  • Third party website and form integration
  • Common integration connectors and platforms (e.g. Shopify, WordPress, Zapier)
  • API integration
  • Transactional email integration
  • Advanced reporting
  • Exporting
  • Systems migration

Personalized support

Do you need help and need advice from a specialist? We have the solution for you:
  • User help
  • Configuration
  • Technical assistance
  • Sequences and scheduling
  • General questions

Marketing campaigns

Launch your marketing campaigns and communicate with your customers and leads. Our specialists will help you master all the aspects of your project.
  • Email editor
  • Identifying existing emails
  • Getting familiar with the email editor
  • Mailing list management
  • Creating and scheduling a first email
  • Immediate or future email scheduling


Do you want to customize your software and adapt it to the needs of your organization and your teams? Our specialists will work hand-in-hand with you to carry out project stages according to your business objectives.
  • Finalization of the software configuration
  • Advice on best practices and software implementation
  • Customized use according to client’s objectives and priorities
  • Product-based integration: leads, forms, alerts and automations
  • Advice about integrating other applications

Strategic service and content production

Would you like to communicate regularly with your customers and leads but don’t have the time? Let our specialists do it for you or with you!
  • Automated email and marketing service
  • Email templates transfer service
  • Email template creation service
  • Content and newsletter creation service
  • Forms or landing pages creation service

*All expert services are offered by appointment through our online appointment-scheduling tool.
**All expert services will be offered upon presentation of the customer number.
***Certain services are provided by certified CentrixOne partners. These services are provided remotely, by phone and by screen sharing.

Training and workshops

Do you want to improve your team’s knowledge?
Propel your CRM strategy?
Our training team is here for you. Here are some of the modules offered:

Personalized training
DURATION: 90 minutes
Prerequisite: 15-20 minute interview to understand your needs
  • Definition of needs and objectives
  • Distance learning or
  • On-site training*
Contact, task and account management
DURATION: 90 minutes
Prerequisite: None
  • Definition of the contact and account management module
  • Custom fields creation
  • Use of data filters
  • Use of data lists
  • Task creation and management
  • Use of the data import module
Sales cycle management
DURATION: 60 minutes
Prerequisite: Contact management
  • Definition of the stages of the sales cycle
  • Custom fields creation
  • Tasks creation
  • Creation and management of opportunities
  • Opportunities and sales dashboard
Integration of web forms
DURATION: 90 minutes
Prerequisite: Contact management is strongly recommended
  • Study of the form module
  • Existing forms integration
  • Preparation to import data from forms
  • Lists and campaigns management
Email campaigns and newsletters
DURATION: 90 minutes
Prerequisite: None
  • Identify existing emails
  • Study of the email editor
  • Mailing list management
  • Creation and planning of a first email
  • Immediate or future email scheduling
DURATION: 90 minutes
Prerequisite: Email module
  • Study and analysis of objectives related to business processes
  • Scheduling an automation
  • Automation:
    • Alerts
    • Tasks
    • Sending emails
    • Creating opportunities
    • Reminders
    • Changing the status of fields
    • Automatic data writing
    • Revisions, simulations and tests
Marketing automation
DURATION: 90 minutes
Prerequisites: Email module
  • Understanding the campaign objectives
  • Campaign implementation support
  • Automation:
    • Alerts
    • Tasks
    • Sending emails
    • Creating opportunities
    • Reminders
    • Changing the status of fields
    • Automatic data writing
    • Understanding lead scoring
    • Campaign lists and fields
    • Simulations and tests
System administration
DURATION: 90 minutes
Prerequisites: Have Administrator access
  • Users and collaborators creation
  • Domain creation
  • Data import management
  • User permissions management
  • User groups management
  • Email templates
  • Accounting system synchronization
  • Web forms
  • Planning an integration
  • Exporting data

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