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Update > 2.1.421

The automation dashboard’s calculations and labels have been enhanced to better reflect whether an automation is to be run on a contact, an opportunity or an…

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Update > 2.1.404

Our team deployed a new network infrastructure, including more advanced equipment and upgraded development software. These enhancements strengthen…

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Sales growth requires systemization

Growing a business is a constant concern for any leader who wants to keep their company viable and their team motivated. To sustain growth, it is necessary to have an effective sales team that can efficiently convert leads into satisfied customers. However, to accelerate the sales cycle and maximize the efficiency of the sales team’s

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Centralize your contacts in a CRM: the most profitable deal of your year

Real estate brokers are often seen as the ultimate multitaskers – juggling multiple responsibilities, managing numerous clients, and constantly striving to stay ahead of the competition. From handling contracts and negotiations to managing listings and marketing campaigns, their days are packed from start to finish. Let’s not forget brokers need to be fully available for

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How to qualify a sales opportunity

In sales, there is a common belief that if you work very, very hard, the results will come. The busier you get, and the more follow-ups you do, the more likely you are to close your opportunities. Hard work gets results, but there is also a much more productive belief: smart work gets results. Opportunity

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CRM - marketing automation

CRM and marketing automation: a crucial combination

CRM and marketing automation tools are like telephones and cameras. In ancient times, they were two separate devices used for very different purposes, and using both at the same time might even feel a little awkward. But one day, they joined forces and revolutionized the way people lived. CRM and marketing automation solutions are following

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CRM automation

CRM automation: how it works and real-life examples

A robust and user-friendly CRM like CentrixOne allows companies to implement automations to optimize their activities and accelerate their growth. In concrete terms, this means that it is possible, easy, and even recommended to automate predictable and repetitive tasks so that much of the work is done without manual intervention. Automation actions can support complex

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CRM - benefits for sales teams

Why adopt a CRM: benefits for sales teams

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is an essential tool for sales managers to keep track of their team’s progress and achieve their targets. If you have worked with one, we bet that you’d never want to go back to Excel files, post-it notes, repetitive tasks and turtle-speed productivity. Indeed, according to Salesforce, companies that

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CentrixOne CRM definition

CRM definition: what is a CRM and how can it work for me?

The acronym CRM is used to describe both a crucial business strategy and the infrastructure that supports it. As a business strategy, Customer Relationship Management seeks to define and organize how a business manages and strengthens its interactions with its customers. Its primary goal is to optimize and personalize the customer experience, resulting in increased

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10 Steps to Successful Email Marketing for Beginners

Email marketing is an effective way of getting and staying in contact with leads and converting them to customers. When compared with other marketing channels, email marketing yields the highest ROI. For example, studies show that that email is 40 times more effective in acquiring customers than social media. In addition, for every dollar spent

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Building your pipeline or funnel to boost your online sales

If your online sales have lagged behind the goals that you have set for yourself, you may need to rethink the strategy that you are implementing to drive them in the first place. Unless you are approaching your sales strategy in a directed and focused manner, you are going to continue to miss the mark.

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