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Do you use Acomba accounting software to manage your accounts? Are you looking for the best customer relationship management (CRM) tool to support it?
CentrixOne for Acomba* is the simplest all-in-one CRM solution to manage your small business with 100% Canadian-designed” software—whether you’re a start-up or a well-established institution. With full native CRM integration from CentrixOne to Acomba, you’ll be able to automatically synchronize your Acomba customer data and manage your sales and marketing information more efficiently.
* CentrixOne is compatible with Acomba.

This is how CentrixOne's CRM integrates with Acomba

There’s no need to become an IT master! You’ll be ready to use CentrixOne’s integrated
CRM solution for Acomba in the blink of an eye, or almost.
Sync Acomba with CRM CentrixOne step 1

Step 1

Download the synchronization tool
Sync Acomba with CRM CentrixOne step 2

Step 2

Follow the instructions in the installation wizard – and voila!
Login CRM CentrixOne

Step 3

Visit the Acomba Synchronization section of the e-CRM help site

CRM functions integrated into Acomba

The CentrixOne CRM engine for Acomba has everything you need to efficiently manage your sales and marketing activities, in addition to synchronizing useful information with Acomba.
Does a CRM and Acomba integration sound too good to be true?
This is what CentrixOne's CRM provides:
Track Acomba sales with CRM CentrixOne

Acomba users
love CentrixOne! Here's why:

Icône d'un claquement de doigt - CRM CentrixOne

Easy to install and configure

You can do it yourself regardless of your technical skills, or call on one of our certified partners to further customize it.

Easily integrates with Acomba software

All your information (contacts, customers, sales info, etc.) will automatically transfer from Acomba to CentrixOne, without any effort.

You don’t need to read an instruction manual or manage duplicate entries!

Icône d'engrenages - CRM CentrixOne
Icône d'un claquement de doigt - CRM CentrixOne

Real-time synchronization with Acomba

Data entered in CentrixOne automatically synchronizes with Acomba, in real time!

You don’t need to enter duplicate information, since the two platforms communicate perfectly.

You can easily create your quotes in Acomba and link them to the opportunities entered into the CRM. You can then convert your quote into an invoice. Thus, it only takes small, simple steps from entering a prospect to sending an invoice, with minimal effort.

Time saving and single system management

Your CRM data automatically synchronizes with Acomba, so it’s like having only one system to manage.

You reduce the risk of manual entry errors, eliminate data duplication, and break down silos between sales and accounting.

You’ll save time and money and simplify your hectic life as a business owner.

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Icône d'un claquement de doigt - CRM CentrixOne

Fully customizable

Finally, a CRM built for you! You can define your own fields and create custom views and reports.

Also configure access rights so your employees will only see what concerns them.

Accessible anywhere and anytime, even on the road

Through the cloud, you can access your data anytime, from anywhere, even from your mobile device when you’re on the go!
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Are you ready to use
a simple, intuitive and user-friendly CRM
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