Is e-mail still relevant today?

E-mail may not seem as flashy as it was twenty years ago, but by and large, it is still a very effective marketing tool.

It may seem, at first glance, that e-mail marketing has gone the way of the dinosaurs and that there is not a whole lot of growth that you can drive through it. This is a common misconception. Think about it for just a moment: everyone is using an e-mail address. This is the sort of reach that no other social media platform would ever be able to afford you.

A highly effective tool

The reality is that e-mail marketing is a highly effective tool for anyone who is looking to promote a business or sell a product. Through e-mail marketing, you can reach your customers in a way that is likely to convert into engagements and then sales. Perhaps more than any other strategy, e-mail marketing has gained an unfairly negative reputation. This means that by moving past that reputation, you can set yourself up for uncommon success.

E-mail can still position you and your business for long-term success. There is power in e-mail marketing because it has proven itself capable of getting you in front of potential customers and raising awareness of your brand. Your approach to e-mail marketing, however, needs to make sense—and be aligned with the ways that people want to interact with e-mails.

The mistress peice of your marketing strategy

Within a robust marketing strategy, you are going to use a wide range of tools and techniques. E-mail marketing, as strange as it may sound to those who have not seen it work for themselves, can become the centerpiece of a highly effective, impressively sales strategy. All it takes is a little resolve and a little direction.

According to WordStream, if you send welcome e-mails to the people on your e-mail marketing list, you can make a significant and lasting impact on your overall conversions. Its research indicates, in fact, that welcome e-mails translate into 320% more revenue than any other promotional e-mails.

In addition, when you stay in contact with your customers through e-mail, they are then more likely to make additional purchases from you. However, to make this happen, you need to be relevant and bring value to the table each time you send out an email. You have to make it worth customers’ time to actually open and read your emails.

Offer what your clients need

Consider what your customers want from you, first and foremost. They are looking to get something out of you—some form of value. Ask yourself what that is. Is it product information? Educational pieces on your industry? Tips to

One way that you can maintain your customer relationships is to remind them why they are keeping up with your brand. Think about showcasing product updates or new services you offer. Send out surveys to glean positive (or negative) feedback so that you can improve your overall business. Above all, consider what your customers value and how your company, through emails, can give them the high-quality content they crave.

There are many reasons to embrace email marketing. Stay fresh and relevant so that emails can work for you and grow your brand. 

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