CloudFest 2018: A major event covering the future of cloud software and infrastructure providers

CentrixOne recently visited Germany to take part in CloudFest 2018, which was held from March 10-16 and welcomed over 6500 attendees for three days jam-packed with networking events, a tradeshow and conferences in a truly one-of-a-kind ambiance.

Videos from the event can be found on YouTube.

Hundreds of cloud software and infrastructure players as well as worldwide industry leaders came together to discuss the evolution of the cloud, including business challenges and opportunities.

Two conferences especially stood out for CentrixOne. Both addressed how website hosters and service providers can no longer remain offering only hosting services and domain names, as these are increasingly becoming commodities in the eyes of clients.

Instead, website hosters are turning more and more to business productivity services and applications as a huge, untapped potential to accompany clients through their entire business lifecycle. By offering business productivity tools, such as a CRM and CRM onboarding and coaching, website hosters can significantly increase their average revenues per user (RPU).

The CentrixOne team on hand at CloudFest was amazed at the turnout and has started working on some great new business opportunities.

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