CentrixOne meets Acomba customers during an inauguration in Québec City

At the end of May, CentrixOne took part in the inaugural event of the Acomba office in Quebec City along with Acomba’s accounting partners and clients. We are proud to have been presented as an award-winning partner that is part of the ecosystem of connected solutions with Acomba and Acomba X. Indeed, thanks to its API, CentrixOne easily connects to Acomba software (both Acomba products) to offer all the power of the CRM and its marketing functionalities. The CentrixOne platform is already used by customers in multiple industries who also use Acomba and Acomba X.

In the wake of this event, CentrixOne launched its version 2 with customers of Acomba’s installed base, which has more than 30,000 customers in Quebec. This preview solidifies our position as an Acomba marketing partner, both for new customers and for those who already use its platforms.

Photo: Daniel Cantin, Vice President of Sales, Claudia Letendre, Director of Marketing and Alain Boudreau, President CentrixOne (from left to right)

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