TIP SHEET: How to be read, get clicks and make sales

Are you new to email marketing and wondering what are the best ways to be read, get clicks, and increase your sales? Here are some helpful tips to enable you to take advantage of the best of our CentrixOne email tool.

Think first and foremost about your target audience: your customer persona. Determine what their priorities and responsibilities are, what issues they face, what their goals are, and create content that speaks to them.
What’s the main purpose of your email? What do you want to get? Before you sit down to write your message, establish your goals: What reaction(s) do you hope to trigger in your recipient? How do you want them to perceive you?
Email subject The email title, or subject, is what will or won’t catch your reader’s interest. Stick to 6-8 words maximum, with the most important ones at the beginning, and that should be enough to get your point across. Be succinct and don’t belabour the subject!
Don’t get lost in the message. It’s well-known, the longer the message, the less it is read. Keep the content of your email concise and to the point. In addition, you will earn points if you use the active form.
Give your readers content that resonates with them. Tell them about them. Tell their story, illustrate their case study, or publish their testimonial: make them relate to it.
Include a call-to-action A call-to-action is a button, image or text link that prompts your reader to take action, such as subscribe to your newsletter, obtain information about a product, communicate with you, etc. Be creative and craft out-of-the-ordinary calls to action – you won’t be disappointed with the results!
Segment your lists Filter and group your customers according to parameters that are specific to you: subscribed customers, prospects, by products, etc. By segmenting your lists and personalizing your emails for a particular audience, you’ll increase your chances of being read and increase your clicks!
Avoid using SPAM words! In order to prevent your emails from ending up in your readers’ SPAM mailboxes, you should be aware that there are some words to avoid. As the list of these words tends to evolve, keep your knowledge up-to-date by researching them regularly on the internet.

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